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Practice Areas

Criminal Law

Sherman Lambert Law can assist your needs in Criminal Lawsuits with the following possible services:

We Strive to treat our client’s interest as if they were those of a family member or friend.

Formulate sentencing diversion programs tailored to a client’s specific needs, often helping defendants avoid future trouble with the criminal justice system.

Assisting defendants with coping with fear, embarrassment and related spiritual matters brought about by criminal stigma- Provide defendants with a realistic outlook on their situation should their cases go to trial.

Uncover important legalities that people representing themselves would find almost impossible to locate on their own, because many criminal law rules are hidden away in court interpretations of federal and state constitutions – Bring our familiarity with local court rules, policies and procedures known only to experienced legal professionals in the local system, as Mr. Lambert, to understand the possible hidden costs of pleading guilty.


Family Law – Child Custody, Divorce

We work closely with clients to handle difficult situations such as child custody and divorce.



Our law firm can help you achieve your immigration goals, regardless of their complexity or nature. Our services include:

Non-Immigrant Visas: Working Professional VisasStudent Visas Visitor VisasTreaty Trader and Investor Visas Intra-Company Managerial Transfers Professional Athletic and Artistic Performance Visas.

Family-Based Immigration: Family-Based Petitions Fiancee and Spousal Visas Complete Representation through your Adjustment of Status Process.

V-Visas (Available for those waiting in the 2A visa category) Family Unification Programs

Employment-Based Immigration: Labor Certifications Nurse Petitions Outstanding Researchers/ Professors, Holders of Advanced Degrees, and National Interest Waivers.

Deportation Defense: Waivers Cancellation of Removal Asylum Criminal Matters Appeals.

Citizenship: Naturalization

Certificates of Citizenship Passport Applications Mr. Lambert’s firm provides extensive consultations in which your immigration goals, and eligibility for various programs is carefully evaluated. We also investigate and discuss the legal consequences of any unlawful presence, prior deportations/ exclusions/ removals, and any criminal offenses you be involved in. We provide you with our commitment to give you confidential and thoughtful personal service no matter how difficult and impossible your situation may seem.

Civil Law

As a small firm, SLL will save you the overhead and hidden costs generated by large firms’ billing practices, and your case will see the reduced billable rates. Mr. Lambert’s practice can assist in all aspects of Civil Cases, including the following:

• Federal and State Civil Law

Divorce & Family Law

• Plaintiff’s Bar
• Accidents & Personal Injury

• Defamation/Libel/Slander

• Tort, Negligence & Strict Liability


Merges & Acquisitions

Every business acquisition is unique and necessitates legal counsel with an exact mix of skills, know-how, and background. In collaboration with our clients, we negotiate, draft, and refine the terms of the final agreement. We are professionals at guiding clients through the acquisition process from SEC and Hart-Scott-Rodino filings to advance rulings from the Internal Revenue Service.

Our understanding of the acquisition process is as important as our knowledge of the law. Mergers and acquisitions often take place in a pressure-cooker environment where timing and speed are critical. Our clients expect us to understand these pressures and perform accordingly.

The firm is experienced in conducting the necessary due diligence to assist in mergers, acquisitions, and other business structures. Our experience in contractual matters, intellectual property, secured lending, as well as immigration and employment law, enables us to tackle the synergy of efforts in connection with mergers and acquisitions.


Charitable & Nonprofit Law

Sherman Lambert Law has a unique position in this practice area, having assisted non-profit and charitable organizations with regard to structuring and formation and with federal, state and local tax matters. As an active member in the church, Mr. Lambert is capable of assisting organizations through the business elements so that clients can focus on their overall goals to serve society. The firm’s clients include large, major non-profit church organizations as well as charitable foundations and support foundations.

Our non-profit and church law practice has assisted some of our clients in the establishment of charitable entities and charitable subsidiary organizations, counseling our clients with regard to the federal and state tax restrictions and tax reporting guidelines. We have additionally worked with these clients to obtain private letter rulings from the Internal Revenue Service on various federal tax exempt issues.