Misdemeanors in Shepherdstown, WV

Our Law Firm Takes Misdemeanors Charges Seriously in Shepherdstown, WV

Misdemeanors are less serious crimes but should still be taken seriously as they can have negative impacts on your life. A misdemeanor conviction can make getting a job, a loan, and house more difficult. Some misdemeanor convictions may also require jail time, fines, probation and other sentences depending on the nature of the crime.

If you have received a charge for DUI, drug possession or other misdemeanor crime, contact our team at The Law Offices of Sherman L. Lambert Sr. PLLC right away.

Attorney Sherman L. Lambert Sr. is your best choice in the Shepherdstown, WV, area to fight for your case and assist in avoiding a conviction. Contact The Law Offices of Sherman L. Lambert Sr. PLLC at (304) 263-3548 for a free consultation.

We Will Fight for the Best Possible Result for Your Case

At The Law Offices of Sherman L. Lambert Sr. PLLC, we will treat your misdemeanor charge seriously in order to achieve the best possible result. Our law firm will fight hard for you to avoid a conviction and even possible jail time. If you have a misdemeanor charge, contact our law firm as soon as possible to allow use to assist in getting the best result for your case.

Contact Our Law Firm for a Detailed Evaluation of Your Case

Local residents unsure of the details of their charges can contact The Law Offices of Sherman L. Lambert Sr. PLLC for an evaluation of your case. Our law firm is focused on providing our clients with a strong defense against charges regardless of the crime. When you choose to work with our team, you will be treated with the respect and receive the exact attention you need. While working on your case, Attorney Sherman L. Lambert Sr. will make sure you understand your case and know the options available.
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