Criminal Law in Shepherdstown, WV

Representation for Felonies & Criminal Cases in Shepherdstown, WV

Our team has experienced and knowledgeable representation for felonies and criminal cases in the Shepherdstown, WV, area. When you are involved in a criminal case, you want an experienced criminal defense attorney who knows the court system well to represent you. Attorney Sherman L. Lambert Sr. will defend your rights and get you the best possible outcome for your criminal case.

Since the law firm’s founding, we have used our experience to deal with the courts and represent a number of clients facing a variety of criminal charges. To protect your rights and your future in court contact The Law Offices of Sherman L Lambert Sr. PLLC at (304) 262-3548.

Attorney Lambert Sr. Works With You Through the Criminal Case Process

Attorney Sherman L Lambert Sr. understands a criminal case can have a major effect on your life whether you are accused or involved in the alleged crime. No matter what the situation is, you can have peace of mind knowing that a knowledgeable and experienced attorney will represent you in court. Our law firm will work with you through the criminal justice system, represent you well in court and reduce the impact of proceedings with your life. We strive to treat our client’s interest as if they were a family member or friend.

We Make Sure Your Voice is Heard & Protect Your Rights in Court

No matter the nature of the crime, we will fight for your rights. Having Attorney Lambert Sr. by your side in court will ensure your voice is heard and your rights are protected during the entire criminal legal process. Contact The Law Offices of Sherman L Lambert Sr. PLLC to have our law firm review your case.

We Help You Understand Important Legal Information, Policies & Rules

At The Law Offices of Sherman L Lambert Sr. PLLC, we can uncover important legal information that people representing themselves would find almost impossible to locate on their own. This is because many criminal law rules are hidden away in court interpretations of federal and state constitutions. Attorney Lambert Sr. brings his familiarity with local court rules, policies and procedures known from many years of experience in the local legal system. He can also help you understand the possible hidden cost of pleading guilty.
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