Child Custody in Shepherdstown, WV

Physical & Legal Custody for Protection of Children from a Divorce

During a divorce there are often children involved, and custody will need to be determined. This includes both legal and physical custody of any children from a dissolved marriage. Legal custody allows a parent to make decisions for a child, and physical custody determines where they can live.

When spouses cannot not reach an agreement on their own, the West Virginia legal system will step in to make arrangements which are best for the children. For more information about our child custody legal services, contact The Law Offices of Sherman L Lambert Sr. PLLC to talk with an experienced attorney at (304) 263-3548.

Make the Right Decisions for Your Children & Their Interests

At The Law Offices of Sherman L Lambert Sr. PLLC, we will give you the accurate knowledge you need to make the right decisions for your child/children during the custody legal procedures. Attorney Sherman L Lambert Sr. will guide you through every step and help make good choices for your family. Our law firm’s number one goal is to provide the best legal support possible with child custody cases in the Shepherdstown, WV, area. We strive to be there for our clients during their child custody proceedings and help them run as smoothly as possible while also protecting their rights.

Experienced and Knowledgeable Grandparent Rights’ Attorney

Attorney Sherman L Lambert Sr. is here to help grandparents for their rights and allow them to be apart of their grandchildren’s lives. If your relationship with your grandchild was forced to change because of a death, divorce, incarceration or other incident he will help you gain the rights you need. Attorney Sherman L Lambert Sr. is experienced in grandparents’ right cases and will fight for your rights whether you are in need of visitation, paternity or custody of your grandchild.

Our Goal is to Find the Best Solution for the Children Involved

Divorce, child custody or other family law legal matters can be stressful and difficult to understand. The Law Offices of Sherman L Lambert Sr. PLLC is the law firm you need to get you through the tough times in life and represent you well in trial when needed. Attorney Sherman L Lambert Sr. has the right education and compassion to help his clients in each custody case to find the best solution for the children involved. He has the experience, skill, knowledge and reputation needed to help every client that walks through our doors. With Attorney Lambert Sr. representing your case, you can have peace of mind knowing that your interests are our number one concern.
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